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From Army Veteran to Real Estate Photographer: My Passion for Capturing Stunning Images

As a man of many roles and passions, I have embarked on a unique journey that has led me to become a real estate photographer in Tampa, Florida. As a father, an Army Veteran, a soccer enthusiast, a pilot, and a realtor, my diverse background has shaped my work ethic and fueled my passion for capturing images of the highest quality.

Driven by a strong work ethic, I understand the qualities needed to be the best choice for my clients. I take pride in delivering images that attract more buyers and provide a fantastic return on investment for every real estate agent and business owner I work with. I believe that every client should feel heard and valued, and I make sure to bring my friendly demeanor and compassionate persona to every shoot.

One of the key elements that sets me apart is my military discipline and a strong sense of integrity. These qualities, complemented by my professional and interpersonal skills, create the perfect blend that I bring to the table as a real estate photographer. I believe in building trust with my clients and establishing a reputable brand across Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas.

With time, I aspire to grow my real estate photography agency, Aerial Contrast LLC, and continue building a trusted brand in the industry. My dedication to delivering stunning images, my commitment to professionalism, and my passion for real estate photography are the driving forces behind my journey as a photographer.

Whether it's capturing aerial shots, showcasing the unique features of a property, or capturing the perfect angle that highlights its beauty, I am dedicated to providing exceptional services to my clients. If you're looking for a real estate photographer in Tampa, Florida, or need professional aerial or drone photography services, contact me to discuss how I can help elevate your real estate marketing to the next level.

Contact Aerial Contrast LLC at or +1 813 842-4510 to schedule your real estate photoshoot and experience the difference of high-quality, professional images that attract more buyers and deliver a fantastic return on investment for your business.

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