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The property must be ready to photograph at the agreed shoot time. I will make my own best judgement to shoot the property or call and inform the agent that a cancellation is suggested. Any cancellation made due to an unready house is subject to a cancellation fee. I am not responsible for any unwanted objects/clutter being visible in the final photos. 


The availability of Aerial Add ons are subject to local ordinance and FAA law. Close proximity to an airport may make obtaining aerial shots impossible due to these laws. The photographer may decide not to pursue any shots/angles he believes to be unsafe or prohibited. Poor weather may lead to a cancellation of Aerial Add ons, in which case, the aerial add on can be rescheduled or refunded. Due to the nature of aerial photography, no specific shots or angles can be guaranteed.


Next day delivery is most common, but may be delivered anytime within 48 hours after the shoot day via digital download. No final image count is guaranteed. No scene altering edits (sky replacements, item removal, greener grass, fireplace edit, etc) are guaranteed, nor should they be expected unless otherwise discussed with your photographer.


If an appointment is cancelled within two hours of the appointment time, or the property is not ready to be photographed and a cancellation is made on site, the photography client is required to pay a cancellation fee of 20% the shoot total (minimum fee of $60) plus travel fee (if there was any). Any cancellations due to weather, as made by the photographers own judgement, are not subject to cancellation fees

Why Do I Have A Cancellation Fee?

Due to the nature of Real Estate Photography, It is important that I not only book as many appointments as possible per day, but that I also try to book each appointment as soon as I'm available to ensure that my clients do not book a different photographer that may be more available. The purpose of my cancellation is not only to recoup any potential losses from blocking out an appointment, but also to incentivize clients to make sure the properties are ready to shoot and prevent cancellations from happening in the future. I ask that you don't take this fee personally and understand that it is a necessary practice to protect my business and primary source of income. Thanks!

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